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Robovent Filters

RoboVent is a leading manufacturer of high-quality dust collection systems for industrial ventilation and filtration systems. The company’s rigorous quality control procedures in the manufacturing process create highly efficient filter media and cabinet design. Sophisticated automation systems alert you of maintenance obligations and make adjustments to save energy and extend filter life. The result is durable equipment that provides better work conditions for your workers and savings for your bottom line.

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State-of-the-Art Engineering

Quality construction and innovative technology are harnessed to capture dirty air in large or unusual manufacturing operations that challenge traditional capture methods. The Vortex Series creates a plant-wide environmental vortex that turns the air at a consistent and steady rate in a facility-wide ambient air filtration system. The flexible nozzles can be adjusted to maximize the cleaning efficiency. Without ductwork requirements, the Vortex system has a lower installation cost and doesn’t interfere with overhead cranes or other obstructions. Reduced collector noise levels are achieved with reduced static pressure.

State of the art fabrication technology is behind the rugged design of the Fusion Series. Intelligent controls learn your routines and make adjustments to save energy and extend filter life. Automated maintenance alerts will help keep the unit operating at peak performance. If contaminants leak past the filters, the advanced particulate-monitoring will shut down the equipment and sound an alarm.

Advanced Filter Design

RoboVent filters are the workhorse of dust and fume collectors, effectively capturing and collecting airborne contaminants that would otherwise create a hazardous workspace. The equipment is engineered to control combustible dust which could compromise worker safety and cause fires. By strengthening and reconfiguring the pleats and spacing of the Endurex filter media, the company developed a new, stronger, and more efficient air cleaning system.

The proprietary blend of fibers is engineered for the highest filtration efficiency at the smallest particle size. RoboVent’s patented Dynamic Pulse™ System uses a computer-synchronized double-pulse sequence to propel dust into the collection area. The filter is so effective that there is a measurable difference in the air quality, which reduces maintenance costs and boosts worker productivity.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Increasing filter life and reducing operating costs are simple with RoboVent's patent-pending eTell™ Intelligent Controls. The embedded full-color touchscreen notifies you of required maintenance so you can perform predictive maintenance. The groundbreaking cloud-based software alerts you in real-time and displays easy to follow video instructions for the maintenance activities.

Service Matters

RoboVent values personalized service as much as their highly efficient equipment. Their service team designs a total air quality system that is cost-effective, energy efficient, and meets your air quality needs. For complex jobs, the company will model your plant layout and conditions using an engineering system called VentMapping to ensure the best possible situation. The RoboVent Rock-Solid Guarantee extends to every system sold.

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RoboVent offers a complete solution from design through engineering and installation to ensure that your air cleaning needs are matched with the perfect equipment.

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